Jenny Holzer Panels.

Exhibited at AIGA RI SeeHer Exhibition 2016.

This was a type class solo assignment. We were asked to choose one graphic designer and then design three panels that each illustrate the past, present and future of this designer. I chose Jenny Holzer because I was especially interested in her truisms and wanted to learn more about her other works. 

I started by experimenting with projections since it was one of Holzer's most famous techniques.  


However, as I did more research, it became clear to me that using projections to represent her would be very outdated. Her recent works are colorful and bright.

There were many revisions. In the end, (you can see below, from left to right) I used black background to represent her past, inspired by her early projection works; bright colors for her present, because of her recent color paintings, and light colors for the future because it is uncertain and foggy.

The big, bold title "Protect me from what I want", shows the power of Holzer's works. In contrast, the main text are small because she also has works that are hidden and delicate.  


In this project, I learned to use typography and colors in a meaningful way. All design decisions should be based on the content and the purpose. 



Daily UI.

I'm aware that Daily UI is nothing close to designing a real product. There are no specific users, pain points or flows. However, because of the same reasons, I find it to be a great way to brainstorm creatively. They free my mind from style guides and so-called "common practices". Also, I just enjoy making them in my free time.