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Gum Alphabet Experiment

Featured at 2016 International Moving Type Festival in Germany.

This project was an experiment to see how type can interact with the human body. Gum was used because when we speak, we are basically chewing language, just like chewing gum. 

I was honored that it was chosen for the International Moving Type Festival in Mainz, Germany. The festival features the media works of young up-and-coming artists from across the world. The chosen works were presented at various European locations for the public.



Film Title | Farewell My Concubine 

In my junior year, after learning static typography for two year, I decided to take a Type in Motion class. I was interested to learn how "time" can make type even more engaging.

One of the assignments was to work in a team and make a film title. My team chose the Chinese film Farewell My Concubine (1993). It tells the story of two men, who met as Peking Opera apprentices, and stayed friends for over 50 years. Since it is such an iconic Chinese film, we decided to use iconic Chinese colors, red and blue.

Screenshots of the film title:


Since we were using After Effects for the first time, it was a bit challenge in the beginning. But with the help of powerful Youtube tutorials, we learned the tool as we worked. In the end, we were proud to achieve the effects that we aimed for. 

We dropped ink into a fish tank to represent the movements in Peking Opera: